Traceability of Supply for Sustainability

Traceability of Supply for Sustainability

The Challenge: Traceability from Farm to Factory.

A large consumer goods company is looking for a reliable, proven index to assure customers that their products using agricultural oils are environmentally responsible. The challenge is to create a quantification of sustainability measures on their oils production and to apply that in a traceable way to their supply chain for soaps, detergents, and many packaged goods from the farm to factory.

Some outcomes we are co-creating:

  • Suppliers are ranked through the quantification of sustainability measures at the individual producer level
  • The ability to visualize the entire supply chain through a summation of individual producers
  • Management guidance for improved sustainable production

How We Do It

We are designing a management dashboard for a custom sustainability index across the entire global supply network of agriculturally sourced oil ingredients (primarily soy). We use our environmental reconstruction software to understand what inputs are absolutely necessary for stable and quality production and provide metrics for management practice that exceeds these targets. Many suppliers of agricultural raw materials do not collect the necessary data to have a clear view on the sustainability of their supply, but through our unique approach to agricultural systems modeling, we can provide a clear report on supplier sustainability even in such a data-sparse environment.