Science and Technology

Science and Technology

Better tools to create outcomes that matter.

Computational Agronomy At Work

We build software products to solve problems. These integrated offerings provide big data and advanced analytics capabilities engineered to specifically account for the unique challenges and deep complexity of agricultural systems. We use those products to help our customers generate outcomes and we call the integrated platform Computational Agronomy.

Here are our software products and the science that drives them:


Data Fusion

Continuum DB is a distributed database for spatio-temporal modeling that enables agronomically-relevant computations and analyses.


Derived Insights

Emergence is a set of components that enable insight generation both inside and outside the Computational Agronomy platform. Emergence aggregates, summarizes, optimizes, and visualizes results to help solve business problems.

Data Fusion ContinuumDB Crop Modeling Crop Science BarnCat Plant Sciences Environmental Simulation WhetherRain Soil Science Environmental Reconstruction DirtPatch Geospatial Science Planetary-Scale Simulation TerraFarm Agronomic Science Derived Insights Emergence Environmental Science


Corn, soy, wheat, barley, rice, canola, sunflower, potato, fruit crops, vegetable crops, and more


  • Detecting crop and field characteristics from imagery
  • Simulating soil physics and dynamics
  • Quantifying in-field variability
  • Characterizing and simulating realistic weather
  • Revealing hidden opportunities for production
  • Integrating market information
  • Customizing queries by crop and location
  • Understanding plant response to management changes
  • Tracking the real-time resource needs of the plant
  • Calculating probabilities of nutrient uptake and leaching