Our future depends on our ability to produce more food with less environmental impact. Today it remains extraordinarily difficult to simply quantify the impacts associated with agricultural production. This is partially due to the fact that pollution from agriculture is from non-point sources, partially due to the fact that the quantification of this impact is often highly subjective. The transition to a sustainable system requires a new set of capabilities.

Sustainability is no longer solely the interest of governments and NGOs. It is not just the fate of our planet, but also the fate of many companies that depend on us acknowledging that sustainability isn’t something to consider in opposition to profitability. Those companies best able to manage both their economic and environmental performance will be winners in the marketplace.

CiBO Solutions

We enable the scientific quantification of sustainability measures. We track potential nitrogen leaching, water use, soil fertility, and productivity at the sub-field level. This can be used to both evaluate and monitor the sustainability of individual grower practices. At a macro level, we can make large-scale recommendations for those who are manufacturing and sourcing agricultural raw materials that help them understand the aggregated sustainability footprint of their vendors and effectively intervene for strategic improvement.

Our Capabilities at Work