Consumer Goods



Managing a global agricultural supply chain is difficult. Doing this well requires delivering predictable supply and quality across a distributed production system. In today’s world, that system frequently extends to geographies and growers without ready access to data.

As if that weren’t enough, consumers are increasingly demanding that brands provide visibility into the source and environmental impact of raw materials production. In some cases, this demand extends to all of a raw material supplier’s production, not just that destined for one particular buyer.

CiBO Solutions

We are helping supply chain sourcing managers forecast the availability and quality of raw materials from their upstream suppliers, enabling them to more accurately plan for future investment or adjust to shortfalls. We are also supporting their sustainability goals as well as those of their customers, while identifying cost efficiencies. We are using our platform to optimize the variability of raw agricultural material supply, reduce the cost of supply contracts through field and production benchmarks, and heighten the quality of raw materials supply by improving in-season management.

Our Capabilities at Work