Every agribusiness customer has unique needs, constraints, and opportunities associated with their specific environment. Those businesses that are best able to match their offerings to the needs of their customers are those that will continue to be able to operate profitably in the 21st century. This is as true for seed sales and marketing as for supply chain optimization and product discovery and development.

Sustainability is also becoming an integral part of agribusiness, and will become ever more important in years to come. Those who are able to figure out how to merge sustainable operations with profitable and efficient operations will be in a privileged market position.

CiBO Solutions

Across the agribusiness industry, we help companies understand the unique environmental constraints and opportunities of their customers and their internal farming operations (seed production, trialing, etc.). We quantify in-field variability, track crop stress across seasons, simulate realistic weather and yield impacts, derive modeled field characteristics, and reveal hidden opportunities for efficient production.

Our Capabilities at Work