Agronomic Benchmarking in Farm Services

Agronomic Benchmarking in Farm Services

The Challenge: agronomic reporting for farmers.

Farming operations have long used financial benchmarking as an important tool in the effective management of their business. The technical challenges have prevented operations from producing a similarly objective quantification of agronomic performance. We are working with a farmer cooperative that wants to be able to provide this type of benchmarking for its members. This true quantification of field quality will allow them to attract new members and help existing members improve yield, manage their fields, and increase their revenue.

Outcomes we are co-creating:

  • More profitable operations for member farmers
  • Customer acquisition and retention

How We Do It

We are building a scaled family of reports that provide increasingly detailed portraits of a farmer’s fields, combining both public and proprietary data with thousands of combinations of actual and simulated weather and management scenarios, pinpointing actual risk and potential of fields and in-field environments. The reports provide information including a benchmark analysis of field quality based on the performance potential of the land to a look at why the fields are performing in a certain way and a more precise breakdown of yield drivers. More detailed management tools offer specific recommendations for new management strategies, along with metrics for tracking such measurements of sustainability as soil organic matter, nitrogen leaching, and carbon/nitrogen release.