Seed Supply Chain for Agribusiness

Seed Supply Chain for Agribusiness

The Challenge: minimizing seed supply chain risk and impact.

Cost effective and sustainable seed production is highly dependent on the ability to find stable land, in an area suitable to the production of the specific varieties being produced. Finding the right fields as well as the right grower to contract is an important consideration. We are aiding a seed producer in their selection of contracts for producing seed corn by evaluating field and producer capabilities for productivity, stability and low impact on air and water quality.

Some outcomes we are co-creating:

  • Reduced costs of good through better management of production acres
  • Consistent, quality output from every contract grower, including in-season monitoring
  • Risk-balanced decisions for environmental impact during the process of seed production

How We Do It

We are assessing the candidate producers on not only the overall productivity of their fields, but also on the variability from field to field as well as the effectiveness of a given farmer’s management approach through simulation of all possible outcomes of plant development in field environments. We are also assessing the potential risk from all likely and possible weather patterns and how that will impact production.