Our Team

Our Team

We were co-founded by the VentureLabs unit of Flagship Ventures, the first institutional platform for accelerated innovation and parallel entrepreneurship. Flagship is uniquely experienced in using science to generate breakthrough technologies to solve global challenges, disrupt large markets, and shape a better future for the world.

Leadership Team

David Worn, President and CEO

David Worn is the President and CEO of CiBO Technologies. Prior to joining CiBO, Worn directed the commercial and public practice areas for Palantir Technologies. During his tenure at Palantir, Worn helped grow the firm from a startup to one of the most valuable privately held software companies in the world (approx. US$20bn).

Dr. Bruno Basso, Chief Scientist

Dr. Basso is a cofounder of CiBO Technologies. An internationally recognized agricultural systems scientist, he is a professor in the Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences at Michigan State University. His research concentrates on the understanding of spatial and temporal variability of crop yield, water, and nutrients.

Dr. Barry Martin, VP Plant Sciences

In his role as vice president, Dr. Martin directs the development of agronomic and plant developmental information to improve existing models and expand the scope of recommendations to cultivate trait specific targets. Before joining CiBO, Dr. Martin was the head of seed technology at Syngenta AG, and prior to that, director of seed technology at Monsanto.

Dale Sorensen, VP Agronomy

Dale Sorensen joined CiBO Technologies as Vice President of Agronomy. Sorensen led global technology innovation at Monsanto, as well as developing a precision agriculture platform for the US Corn Belt with a team. He also directed field research and agronomy efforts of The Climate Corporation (a Monsanto subsidiary), a digital agriculture company that examines weather, soil, and field data.

Ryan Richt, VP Engineering and Data Science

Richt leads software engineering and data science at CiBO. After bootstrapping a genomics startup, he spent six years at Monsanto, leading a Scala-distributed data mining team for the company’s biotech R&D department, cloud transformation in IT, and ultimately IT’s Monsanto Labs.

Board of Directors

David Worn – President and CEO, CiBO
Formerly Director at Palantir Technologies, Domain Operations Engineer at MITRE, and Intelligence Officer at the U.S. Department of Defense

Martin Taylor – External Member, Financial Policy Committee, Bank of England
Currently Vice-Chairman of RTL Group SA and formerly Chief Executive of Barclays PLC, Chairman of Syngenta AG.

Stephen Berenson – Executive Partner, Flagship Pioneering
Former Vice Chairman of Investment Banking at J.P. Morgan.

Robert Berendes – Venture Partner, Flagship Pioneering
Co-owner and partner at a-connect, and former Global Head BD and R&D Syngenta and partner at McKinsey & Company.

Ignacio Martinez – Partner, Flagship Pioneering
Co-founder and Founding CEO at CiBO.

Lila Preston – Partner, Generation Investment Management