What We Believe

We seek to catalyze a true sustainable revolution in agriculture. In order to create real change, we must account for the scientific and technical complexity of that challenge. We must also account for the complexity of a system that includes stakeholders across the private, public, and non-governmental sectors, groups that have historically struggled to find win-win solutions. We believe that there are non-zero-sum solutions to sustainable production that leave the planet and the people better off. We are passionate about building the technology to make this a reality.


We love the challenge of helping our customers thrive sustainably. Doing this requires world class capabilities in fields as diverse as software engineering, data science, agricultural sciences, geography, remote sensing, and good ol’ fashioned problem solving. If you are a world-class performer, and you want to change the world (in the literal sense), join our team.


The entire CiBO team – from our employees, to our board, to our institutional partners – has been constructed as the personification of an approach that addresses these challenges through the unification of scientific, technological, and business expertise.

See Our Team

We were co-founded by the VentureLabs unit of Flagship Pioneering, the first institutional platform for accelerated innovation and parallel entrepreneurship. Flagship is uniquely experienced in using science to generate breakthrough technologies to solve global challenges, disrupt large markets and shape a better future for the world.